Youth Minister Bangura Leads 2024 Sectoral Meeting

In a landmark event that will shape the trajectory of the youth sector’s future, Youth Minister Mohamed Orman Bangura led the charge in convening the inaugural youth sectoral leadership meeting for 2024. In attendance were prominent government figures, including Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs Patrick Michaelson Gibrilla, National Youth Commissioner Ahmed Atata Mansaray, Presidential Youth Adviser Desmond Pessima, and other senior officials.

Minister Bangura underscored a strategic vision centered on youth empowerment, employability, skills development, and employment. Deputy Minister Gibrilla committed to supporting comprehensive strategies that address a spectrum of youth needs. National Youth Commissioner Mansaray emphasized the crucial role of broad consultations, advocating for a collaborative approach involving all stakeholders.

Presidential Youth Adviser Pessima provided valuable insights, highlighting the necessity of creating ample opportunities for youth success. The Permanent Secretary affirmed the commitment to implementing policies that promote youth well-being.

The meeting showcased a collective dedication to the youth sector, underscoring the government’s unwavering commitment to forging a brighter future for the nation’s young population. It set the stage for collaborative efforts aimed at shaping transformative policies and initiatives, demonstrating a resolute commitment to the youth’s well-being and success.

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