Sierra Leone’s Youth Affairs Minister Mohamed Orman Bangura takes UNDP to Sierra Leone’s most deprived Mongo town in Falaba District to Commission the “ Julius Madda Bio “ Youth Connect Center

This is spectacular, a development that is tangible and a means to ameliorate the growing youth unemployment and empowerment in the Republic of Sierra Leone. On the 16th February,2022, the Ministry of Youth Affairs and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) where in Mongor, Falaba District, Northern Sierra Leone on the official opening of the Youth Connect Hub. This is a platform for recreational activities for young people, a center for learning and improving the skills of young people in that part of the country to catch up with the digital age.It is a center that will tap into the strength and knowledge of our young people in rural Sierra Leone. Falaba is rated as one of the deprived districts in our country, but with such ultramodern youth hub, the stories will be different amidst other facilities the Ministry and partners have been providing.We hope our youth in Falaba, Kailahun,Bonthe who have benefited from this support will grab same and do the needful. We are proud of the strides so far made in the youth sector. This is a pointer.Thanks to Ministry of Youth AffairsThanks to UNDPThanks to all for the support.Youth

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