The current Commissioners are: Thomas Ngolo Katta and Emmerson Kamara in photo above


The National Youth Commission (NAYCOM) was established by the Government of Sierra Leone through the National Youth Commission Act No.11, of 2009. It was signed into law by H.E. The President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma on 22nd December 2009 and published in the Supplement of the Sierra Leone Gazette Vol. CXLL No.3 dated 7th January, 2010. The Commission is a body corporate with the object of empowering the youth to develop their potential, creativity and skills for national development and for other related matters.


  1. Initiate youth development programmes in collaboration with relevant governmental and non-governmental bodies;
  2. Initiate youth development programmes in collaboration with relevant governmental and non-governmental bodies;
  3. Develop national youth development plan consistent with PRSP (Agenda for Change);
  4. Provide youth skills training programmes and scheme in collaboration with governmental or non-governmental bodies;
  5. Provide a focal point for addressing drug abuse by the youth and its related problems;
  6. Create a network for youth access to valuable information on beneficial services and   incentive-driven amenities provided by governmental and non-governmental bodies;
  7. Coordinate youth groups and youth-serving organizations;
  8. Register youth groups and youth-serving organizations; and
  9. Do all other things as will contribute to the attainment of its stated object.


  • Board of Directors

The governing body of the Commission is the Board of Directors which consists of:

    1. A Chairman;
    2. One person each representing the Western Area, Eastern Province, Northern Province and Southern Province;
    3. Three persons representing youth groups one of whom shall be a woman and another person a with disability;
    4. The Financial Secretary;
    5. The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry responsible for youth; and
    6. The Commissioner who shall be secretary to the Board.
  • Staff of the Commission

The Commissioner is the Head of the Commission’s staff and responsible for the day-to-day administration and management of the Commission. The Deputy Commissioner assists the Commissioner.
The Commission has three departments:

    1. Department of Programmes, Youth Empowerment and Human Resource
    2. Department of Finance and Resource Mobilization
    3. Department of Research, Planning, Publicity, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Coordination Structures
  1. Youth Advisory Committees in every local council assists the Commission in the performance of its functions within their locality. Serves as a coordination mechanism that includes all youth stakeholders including the youth leadership at that locality
  2. District Youth Councils – Serves as a representative mechanism for youth leaders


The Commission is financed through:

    1. Monies appropriated by Parliament for the purposes of the Commission;
    2. Grants, gifts or donations from any person, organization or authority, whether local or external;
    3. Such other monies from other sources as may be determined by Cabinet.


The Act provides that any person or organization which employs ten or more youth at any one time shall be eligible for prescribed incentives.


The Ministry responsible for youth provides policy oversight and support for the Commission.  Read More…