Mission & Vision


The goal of the Youth Policy is to contribute to the establishment of a more conducive environment in which youth development and empowerment programmes can be collectively and sustainably achieved.


Develop and empower youths to be nationally conscious and patriotic to contribute positively to the development of Sierra Leone.


  1. Empower and actively involve youths in a variety of productive activities to develop their full potential and self-esteem through approaches that enhance innovation and youth talent in both rural and urban areas
  2. Institutionalize youth participation at all levels of the decision making process, from central to decentralized level, to ensure the nurturing of democratic and productive culture
  3. Promote effective collaboration and partnership with Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDA’s) National and International Non-Governmental Organisations in youth development
  4. Enable the youth to acquire, share and transfer knowledge, expertise, and experience through national, regional and international networks and peer-learning as well as through improved use of Information Communication Technology (ICT)
  5. Nurture the development of a new breed of youth, who are ready to serve through volunteerism and internships, and
  6. Inculcate in the youth a new identity based on self-reliance, patriotism and nationalism