Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs Joins Executive Director of Society For Conservation of Natural Resources To Fight Against Deforestation

The Honourable Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs-Lusine Kallon has partnered with the Society For Conservation of Natural Resources in Sierra Leone to embark on tree planting and sensitization campaign against deforestation in the country.

He said climate change is a global concern which means it should not be left in the hands of the Environment Protection Agency, the National Protected Area Authority or the Ministry of Lands.

Minister Kallon said, “the forests are threatened by many human disturbances. Two of the most important are deforestation and climate change.”

To mitigate the impacts, he said, “it is important to understand their potential effects on the distribution of species.”

He claimed that such understanding has been hindered by poor knowledge. He said he is ready to partner as an individual and as the Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs to raise the awareness and continue the sensitization across the country.

He warned those involved in deforestation to desist and support the government in the reforestation drive.

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